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Marlon Titre, Guitar
At the young age of 18, Marlon Titre was appointed as “junior composer in residence” to the Residentie Orkest Den Haag. A few years later he won the first place at the renowned Michele-Pittaluga Guitar competition in Italy. Since then he has performed all over the world as solo guitarist and in ensembles in festivals, concert halls and theatres, including performances for special occasions (for example in 2005 at the silver jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.) He has won awards at over 20 competitions in 6 countries.

Marlon Titre was born in 1982 in Aruba on the Netherlands Antilles. He graduated with the highest honours from the Robert Schumann music college in Düsseldorf, Germany (graduate recital with distinction) and from the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag (Master of Music 1.0 with distinction). He attended classes in composition from Steve Mackey, Steve Reich and Louis Andriessen. In 2007 he wrote compositions for the “Classic Express”, the mobile concert hall of the Princess Christina Foundation. An important part of his work as a composer is the participation of primary school children, more than 10,000 of whom have already performed his works. Marlon Titre has written two concertos for guitar, both of which he premiered himself: A Titre Personnel for classical guitar and ensemble and Ficciones for electric guitar and ensemble.

In 2006 Marlon Titre recorded his debut album in Milan with music by, among others, Nuccio D’Angelo, Athur Kampela and Antonio Lauro. For this recording he played a guitar made by Yuichi Imai. In 2009 he received the “Juventus Award” in France for an outstanding young musician. Since 2008 he has regularly published a digital E-Zine, Marlon Talks, which features interviews with musicians and tips for guitarists.

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